Save the USPS

We choose to use the US Postal Service (USPS) for our shipping services. The USPS is a vital civic institution providing universal mail service at reasonable rates and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Linda, the wonderful woman who delivers USPS mail on our street is integral to my business and my family’s well-being. We see her almost everyday. We are relying on her and USPS to help us through this crisis. 

USPS’s services are crucial for our elections to function fairly, especially this year as an unprecedented number of Americans will be voting by mail. We depend on the USPS to deliver ballots to voters and return them to be counted securely and on time.

USPS employs Linda and 600,000 other people delivering life saving goods to over 160 million people. USPS employees need to keep their jobs and benefits, and we all need the essential public service they provide - it’s not a partisan issue.