Linen is one of the oldest known fibers in the world and has been used by human beings as a cover for the body for many thousands of years. Woven from flax, linen has many benefits for humans and the planet: it’s antimicrobial, breathable, lightweight, absorbent, moth-resistant, and cooling. It is also one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials on Earth. Flax grows naturally and requires no additional water other than what falls from the sky, it requires no pesticides or fertilizer, and as a textile it is two to three times stronger than cotton. The durability of linen means that your RCT pieces will last longer, allowing you to consume less. After twenty to thirty years of wear, should your RCT piece be at the end of its life, simply rip it into strands and return it to the earth – it’s biodegradable.


RCT pieces are skillfully woven using fine European linen and low impact dyes, and with the proper care they will last you for decades, aging beautifully and gently over time. Hand wash cold using half the recommended amount of mild detergent, and either lay flat on a towel, place on a drying rack or line dry.

Silk and wool should be drycleaned.

Tencel should either be handwashed or drycleaned - check the care label of your garment.

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